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20160725_130011I am writing from the studio 513 at Q21, MuseumQuartier in Vienna, where I was invited to spend a month as artist in residence. The context of the residency format for me functioned as a metaphor for a temporary setting within a nomadic approach to life, a very current and widely shared social condition, and allowed me to address some of my current related interests.

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my upcoming events include the following, do come if you can!

>lived dialectics: movement and rest

site specific performance Elena Cologni, Curated by Walter Seidl und Gülsen Bal

Performance: 10-11:00 and 17-18:00
stroll from MuseumsQuartier, Vienna courtyard 7 (in front of AZW) to Burgtor/ Heldenplatz

“…a pre-reflexive corporeal awareness manifested through everyday’s gestures and behaviors and typically in synch with the spatial and physical environment in which the action unfolds….bodily routines as contributing to the lived dimensions of place, including attachment grounded in habitual regularity…  the simple act of walking with its movement and rest patterns….”

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>DRAW TO PERFORM3 – Two Day International Symposium for Drawing Performance Sat& Sun, 30-31 July 10am-10pm at the Crows Nest Gallery, London.

I will present a video documentation of Spa(e)cious, of the version presented in the exhibition Wysing Arts Contemporary: Recollect, at Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, UK, introduced by Helena Blaker

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>The Tea Break Series: Practicing A Dialogic Approach/The Inside And The Outside’, Elena Cologni with Paul Connerton

I am honored to conduct a workshop with Paul Connerton, part of the tea break series of dialogues with Connerton since January 2016. This will be chaired by Prof Pam Burnard at 2nd BIBAC 2016 International Conference, ‘Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures’ 30 July – 1st August 2016, University of Cambridge

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>The book The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research Edited by Pamela Burnard, Elizabeth Mackinlay, Kimberly Powell is out!! and so is my chapter contribution ‘A Dialogic Approach For The Artist As an Interface in an Intercultural Society’ which refers to my adoption of the reciprocal maieutics approach (Danilo Dolci) through hand sculptures.

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and finally

>Seeds of Attachment, which is my upcoming project, to be presented through phases at, including:

>Art Language Location festival, 10-26 October 2016, ALL2016 will feature an extended exhibition of art around Cambridge and a day of performances, discussions and events to accompany the exhibition and bring together artists and audiences, in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

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>London LASER program of talks at University of the Arts London on the in(ter)disciplinary approach in my work, on 23 October 2016; London LASER is hosted by University of the Arts London (Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science) and University of Westminster (Imaging Art and Science programmes) and supported by LENS Community of Practice at UAL and CREAM at Westminster. LASER is a project of Leonardo® /ISAST (the International Society for Art, Science and Technology). London LASER is organised by Heather Barnett and co-chaired with John R A Smith.

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Seeds of Attachment is in collaboration with Lowenfeld Library, Centre for Family Research (University of Cambridge); New Hall Collection, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge (University of Cambridge) and rockfluid.

…but should I not see you in person before, I wish you a fresh summer break

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Image: Study for site responsive drawing (courtyard), Elena Cologni, 2016


modernism, power, space, and the rural!


working on a new body of work and related events also part of the festival of ideas, after a year long residency to research into the history of the Gropius building at Impington Village College

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IART residency Sicily

I had a very busy time in Castelvetrano Selinunte, Sicily where I was able to develop ‘lo scarto’. I was selected for the IArt Residency in Sicily organised by CLAC, I provided two days of workshops in preparation to a final performance in the Sistema delle Piazze (central square system) in Castelvetrano Selinunte (22-23-24 Aprile 2015).

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During my residency IArt in Sicily, at Castelvetrano Selinunte, I tried to understand Danilo Dolci’s dialogic dynamics, by translating his ‘reciprocal maieutics’ through drawings, sculptures and performance to highlight the meaning to be found in space, and indeed distance between people: lo scarto (the left over). This is one of the concepts by Dolci adopted in the performance, which tries to offer people the opportunity to understand that the space between us, as well as that around us, and its history belong to us, even if we inhabit them only for a short amount of time. The awareness of one’s own identity in relation to one’s own place must be cherished and nurtured ‘ .

Gropius’ Impington residency blog

The residency at Impington College funded by the Arts Council of England is to mark the 75th anniversary of the only British building by Gropius, adopting an ‘art as interface in society through dialogue’ approach, while looking back to the rural community of agricultural workers migrating to the area in 1930’s.


there is also a dedicated vimeo channel

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expanded studio project

On the 2nd of November 2014 artists from Wysing Arts Centre and Primary met up to begin the Expanded Studio Project.  Artists from each studio were paired at random with an artist from the other site by drawing names from a hat. They will now enter into a three month period of dialogue and exchange….

The Expanded Studio Project is an artist-led initiative from the studio holders at Primary and Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge. The project randomly pairs 26 artists from the two studios through a lottery to act as a catalyst for new collaborations, producing new work over a four-month period of exchange. During this time there will be a series of public events and will culminate in an event in February that will be determined by the outcomes of the pairs.

The artist pairs are:

Lisa Wilkens/Simon Withers ||  Elena Cologni/Rebecca Beinart ||  Ash Summers/Simon Raven || Rob Smith/Frank Abbott || Bettina Furnee/Chris Lewis-Jones || Alexandra Drysdale/Reactor || Caroline Wendling/Emma Moore || Erica Bohr/Debra Swann || Jackie Chettur/Liam Aitken || Josepa Munoz/Wayne Burrows || Caroline Wright/Rebecca Lee || Helen Stratford/Craig Fisher || Lawrence Epps/Nadim Chaudry.

This project has been made possible by the generous support of Arts Council England, Wysing Arts Centre, Primary, Aid & Abet, Nottingham University, Cambridge School of Art, Nottingham Trent University and many more…