research as art practice

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, Graduate School
Wednesday 28 January 12.30-1.30. 1.30-2.30 Session 3
 Artistic Research: Practice and Research redening each other
(Elena Cologni chaired by Pam Burnard)
big diagram behind me to show the many manifestation research as art practice can have…..

Arts Council of England, Grants for the Arts

I am very pleased to announce that rockfluid has been awarded by the Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts and will be in residence in the beautiful Gropius building of the Village College in Impington, in the rural outskirts of Cambridge, to celebrate its 75th anniversary. In particular with a view to look into its history and social importance then and now. rockfluid will produce a number of events in the year to come, the first of which, is the roundtable ‘the dialogic approach all art is live!” to understand the importance of the live encounter with participants and collaborators, which is at the very core of the body of work done and still to come.

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CIAN Forum 3: Re-framing Interdisciplinary perspectives

My work was featured in the Commonwealth  Intercultural Arts Network , Forum 3: Re-framing Interdisciplinary perspectives at The faculty of Education of the University of Cambridge.

The CIAN network aims to promote, connect and enable the advancement of intercultural arts practice, research and policy and the reframing of intercultural creativies in education.

Here a short summary:

more on this to come…